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Read a storybook

Decatur Book Festival

Location: Decatur Education Foundation tent at the 2012 Decatur Book Festival

Date taken: September 2, 2012

Hang your wish on a tree

Wish tree 

Location: Wish Tree at the 2012 Decatur Book Festival

Date taken: September 2, 2012

I don’t know who sponsored this Wish Tree at the Decatur Book Festival, but it was certainly popular. By the time I stumbled upon it, all the tags had been used. People had started writing their wishes on receipts and sticking them on the tree. Some wishes were playful, such as the one from a 9-year-old who said, “I wish I could have a pony.” Another kid wrote, “I wish I would grow up to be an astronaut.” Other wishes were more serious. “I wish people wouldn’t argue so much” a tag read. People wished for health and happiness. One person wrote, “I wish everyone knew they are beautiful just as they are.”  And, another hung this wish on the tree: “I wish I had the power to grant wishes.”

Stumble upon a treasure at a giant yard sale

Yard sale

Location: First Baptist Church of Decatur  Annual Yard Sale

Date taken: June 7, 2012

Held every year in June, this yard sale supports the church’s youth on their summer mission trip. In addition to dozens of cups and coffee mugs, the church’s front lawn is also covered with refrigerators, dressers, tables, bedframes, books, bikes and stuffed animals. Last year, I stumbled upon the perfect long-sleeve button-up shirt for 50 cents. I wear it all the time. But, if this sale isn’t big enough for you, drive two hours north to the Tennessee-Alabama border in August and shop the World’s Longest Yard Sale.

Eat sugary, pink festival food

Cotton candyLocation: 2012 Decatur Arts Festival

Date taken: May 27, 2012