Light a candle, sing a song

Birthday cake

Location: Leapin’ Lizards

Date taken: October 6, 2012

Growing up in Atlanta, the two most popular locations for kids’ birthday parties were Sparkles and Chuck E. Cheese. Roller skating or pizza with arcade games. My birthday parties were held at the slightly less popular location of our church gym — these parties also featured pizza, along with roller skating around the basketball court, playing basketball on skates and a little air hockey. I’m not sure if Sparkles and Chuck E. Cheese are still top destinations, but I recently discovered a whole new category of places for kids’ parties — warehouses full of inflatable play equipment. Giant inflatable slides. Inflatable bouncing things. Inflatable mazes and tunnels. It’s a pretty simple set-up with only one rule: if you want to play, make sure you bring socks.


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