Profess your love with a wood carving

Wood carving

Date taken: June 15, 2012

Location: Lake Claire Land Trust

Around the time my nephew was first beginning to string words together into sentences, I asked him about his week – specifically what he had done that day and the day before. We were riding in the car, and he was listing the places or people he had seen. At one point he said, “Went to see boo eew.” I had no idea who or what he was talking about, so I said, “say it again.” And, he did. I still didn’t understand, so he repeated it. This went on about six more times, with me saying “who?” and him repeating what he had said. Finally, he had enough of my ignorance and told me, “go ask daddy.” I did. It turns out they had gone to see “Big Lou the Emu” at the Lake Claire Land Trust. I had no idea the land trust was home to an emu. It turns out this community space also features chickens, a garden, drum circles, a few unofficial wood carvings and large hand-crafted wooden chairs, which provide a comfortable spot to enjoy a view of the land trust and the city.


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